In healthcare, change is constant. Your imaging strategy must be able to adapt, scale, and evolve to continuously enable exceptional patient care.

At Mach7, our purpose is simple: to make healthcare more effective for clinicians so they can deliver the highest possible quality care to their patients. We achieve this through our unique, innovative products that empower our customers with the independence to forge their own enterprise imaging path.


In this video, our CEO, Mike Lampron, describes Mach7’s purpose and approach in transforming healthcare to drive better clinical outcomes.

Control your transformation

Unify teams on an enterprise imaging roadmap that drives high quality patient care at your organization

Do more with less complexity

Find new efficiency to save clinicians time and generate substantial cost savings

Tap new opportunities

Leverage an overarching data view to drive quality, accuracy, and better clinical and financial outcomes

Align for the future

Invest, grow, and embrace innovation with confidence

Why Mach7

Mach7 is focused on the future of healthcare.
We give organizations unprecedented technology independence, flexibility, and interoperability so that nothing inhibits the flow of image data.

Mach7 Enterprise Imaging Solution

With Mach7’s Enterprise Imaging Solution, your organization can bridge its legacy solutions to meet the full spectrum of multi-disciplinary imaging needs, and be positioned to grow, adapt, and innovate.

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